PAVE-EL Pedestal System Benefits

Providing an alternative to screwjack-style pedestals, the benefits of PAVE-EL Pedestal Systems cannot be beat!

  • The PAVE-EL Pedestal System is perfect for installations ranging from 5/8” to 8” tall.
  • PAVE-EL Pedestals cost less than screwjack pedestals, adding up to significant savings.
  • PAVE-EL Pedestals are easy to install and require no special tools.
  • PAVE-EL Pedestals have been used without a single reported failure for more than 40 years.
  • Each PAVE-EL Pedestal supports four corners of the paving stone above. PAVE-EL quadrants are easy to separate, enabling you to simply use ¼ of a pedestal in corners and ½ of a pedestal along edges. This simplicity means you’ll waste less and save more.
  • Simple, lightweight and clean, PAVE-EL Pedestals do not require truck access or heavy equipment. They’re easy for installers to maneuver or carry and will save you money on transportation costs.
  • By stacking pedestals and utilizing leveling plates, this adaptable system can correct for slopes up to 5%
  • Manufactured right here in North America, you’ll never have to deal with supply chain or quality issues. Inventory is warehoused strategically throughout the US, so you’ll experience no product delays.
  • PAVE-EL’s 20-Year Warranty is the industry’s BEST!

PAVE-EL Pedestals

Why Choose PAVE-EL?

  • LOW COST – compared to other systems
  • EASY INSTALL – no special tools or skills required
  • PERFECT DRAINAGE – no more slippery, uneven surfaces or freeze/thaw damage
  • 20 Year warranty – Zero product failure over 40 years of installations, including the Smithsonian Institute, NASA Headquarters, FBI Headquarters and many other public institutions throughout the US.


PAVE-EL Pedestals can be an essential part of your environmentally conscious building plans. An alternative to traditional concrete patios, which are carbon-heavy, PAVE-EL allows for greater flexibility and greener options.

As more and more urban centers adopt green roof policies and rooftop patios, terraces and decks become more popular, PAVE-EL can play a crucial role in sustainable values.

Envirospec’s PAVE-EL Pedestal System is a great choice when creating green spaces as the sustainable PAVE-EL Pedestals are self-draining. This high-quality product is unlikely to need replacing, reducing waste. PAVE-EL Pedestals can be lifted to repair the roof and then put back, making them durable and reusable, another reason why these adjustable pedestals are a sustainable option.

Choose PAVE-EL Pedestals for all your sustainable green space projects!

LEED Credit Data

Pave-EL by Envirospec Inc.

The following is LEED credit data for PAVE-EL pedestal systems:

  • Product is more water-efficient than similar products
  • Product is more durable or requires less maintenance than similar products
  • Product is recyclable or biodegradable after use
  • Product contributes to LEED 2009 or LEED V4 credits [ ]

Sustainable sites:

  • Reduce heat islands, non-roof
  • Reduce heat islands, roof
  • Water Efficiency (Water use reduction – indoor or outdoor)
  • Materials and Resources (Resource reuse)